Heather & Andy Darrigan

Heather and Andrew Darrigan took over Food Designers in 2005. While living in New York, both Andy and Heather were looking to move to Colorado but weren’t quite sure how they would use their culinary experiences from NYC in Colorado Springs. Through a family connection, they discovered a local catering company that would be up for sale. Heather and Andy saw this as an opportunity to use their vast experience in the event and culinary industry and to bring a taste of their high end cuisine to Colorado Springs.

Andrew T. Darrigan, Jr. is a graduate of the French Culinary Institute in New York. FCI’s curriculum combines classic French culinary techniques with American inventiveness. Its faculty includes celebrated master chefs Alan Saliac, Jacques Pepin, Andre Soltner, Jacques Torres and master sommelier Andrea Immer.

Immediately after graduation, Andrew worked at Bolo, a well known restaurant in Manhattan, under nationally acclaimed chef Bobby Flay. From Bolo he began a career in catering working for some of the best companies in New York City including Urban Events, and he has catered for every kind of group and event from large 2,500 person affairs such as the Cirque de Soleil to dinner parties hosted by Robert De Niro and Anna Wintaur of Vogue. He has also catered seasonally for Prada serving lunches to buyers from all over the world.

In addition to this wealth of catering experience, while working at Urban Events, he had the opportunity to work closely with David Bouley, a four star chef, who brought his own unique cooking style to Urban’s catering business. Through his time there, Andrew developed his own style which he has been showcasing at Food Designers here in Colorado Springs.

“David and I have appreciated the Food Designers catering help for over 25 years. When Andy and Heather took over, the service never changed. Their care to the individual occasion is always THE BEST! Whether for 10 or 100, in fair weather or a storm, they are there.
We love having the chef onsite; their flexibility is admirable. The addition of many menu items provides a different menu for each occasion; the food is delicious and many compliments are heard. Thanks! “

– David & Susie Jenkins

Memorable, distinctive and superbly executed.